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Vintage Halloween Party Hat, 1920,s Made in U.S.A

Beistle issued three “domino hat mask” designs between 1926 and 1931. Most of the time they were just stand-alone masks as shown on pages 236-237, but occasionally they were stapled to a random band hat, as in this listing. The entire bottom section of the mask is missing, so this is more of a substantial remnant than anything else. Virtually all of its collectible value has been eliminated due to its poor condition.

11/13 Update: …And yet this sold, in these bubbly times, for $86!

Vintage Halloween Cardboard Decoration Pumpkin Mask Beistle Dennison Sealtest

Beistle didn't use this image much, so this advertising item for Sealtest Ice Cream is unusual. They used this JOL on two variants of the same Jack-O-Lantern Fortune Game as well as a tabletop decoration with a flip-out base. (The latter item is exceedingly rare and can be seen in The Inner Sanctum section on page 124.) Compared to many of their masks, this design is a cut above. 

1933 Vintage Halloween Mask - Sunshine Bakers Promotion

This is certainly an odd item. Prior to viewing this listing, I had never seen a Beistle marketing tie-in. Did they actually license Sunshine Bakers to stamp their verbiage on the reverse, or was this something done without formal permission? Were these JOL masks purchased in large quantities from a wholesaler like Shackman's? Beistle, like so many firms back then, didn't keep meticulous records. Hence, it is near impossible to definitively answer questions like these. Even their vaunted archives really are just a few filing drawer cabinets haphazardly storing items thrown in without a great deal of thought. 
The mask, in and of itself, is rare. Given the verbiage on the back, this item becomes even more rare. I was distressed by the condition, so never considered bidding, but in my estimation the buyer got a good deal.