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Rare Antique Beistle “Spook’s Trip” Halloween Party Game

This result is surprising. This Spook’s Trip game, produced by Beistle during the 1950s, is shabby and incomplete, as it is missing the six markers from the lower right corner. These surface from time to time, generally in better condition. A complete example can be found on page 20. I would have expected this to fetch $30.


These are remnants from the Pick-A-Pumpkin game that was printed in both Germany and the USA around 1920. You can see the complete game on page 125. As remnants, these would have decorative value only.

03/26 Update: These remnants sold for $52.49.

THE WITCH OF ENDOR Fortune Telling Game 1929 Salem Mass HALLOWEEN Rare

Over the years, this 1929 game hasn’t gotten the collector love it deserves. With now two major exceptions, the price has hovered around $100. This ending price of $299.95 was almost certainly driven by its extremely nice condition. This game’s lid is almost always concave with significant chipping. Not this one. Even so, a very high price indeed. (In June 2016, an example in slightly lesser condition sold for a record price of $316.99.)

Vintage Halloween Wheel Witch Fortune Game For Kids

Beistle trademarked this mechanical fortune game in 1936 and released it for sale in 1938. The seller states that it is in excellent condition. There are a few bends scattered throughout, the most serious of which seems to be at the end of the broom. More problematic for those understandably concerned with condition is the missing point at the front of the JOL. I would say the condition is at best “very good.” The header card, something often missing, is a nice supplement to this listing.

10/13 Update: Condition aside, this item sold for a VERY bubbly price of $338.33.


This great seller, stnick22, realized generally very bubblicious prices for their many listings. This game is one that has eluded my grasp for decades. It still eludes my grasp. The cover is where all the value resides as the game’s pieces and interior are ho-hum. I made a valiant effort to acquire it, but the ending price was simply too high. I am a patient man.

Vintage Halloween WITCH PARTY GAME - 1965 - HARD TO FIND!

This is a rare game indeed. I've never seen it before. I'm typically not much interested in items manufactured after ~1955, but the imagery caught my eye. It is unusually detailed and not-too-friendly considering it was issued in 1965. Given the compelling graphics and the overall super condition, I'm surprised it didn't realize more than $212.50. 

Vintage RARE Halloween Carboard I'm A Dumbskull Stunt Game Original USA

This is the rarer of the two versions of this game produced by Beistle in 1930 and 1931. The other has a hat-wearing cat at the top, no clock dial or metal spinner and an easel. Although it is easier to display than the version up for auction, the auction version is visually more interesting and typically commands a 30-50% premium to the other version. Interestingly, this particular item was a salesman sample. I have other Beistle items in the collection with the same handwriting. 

Vtg 1920’s JOL Pumpkin Head Green Bow Tie Halloween German Skittle Game Piece

This seller realized bafflingly high prices for nearly all seven of the skittle pieces they listed, with this one ending at the most baffling amount. (As this is being written, the same seller has listed an additional five skittles.) These items are quite common, surface regularly and typically fetch between $65-85. As a shout out to a long-time collector who chafes at these items being described as skittles, it is quite possible they were meant to be table decorations only. When I first began collecting, I had several (even then) long-time collectors and dealers advise me as to what I was seeing. (Remember that back in 1988 there were no references solely devoted to our fine hobby.) Paul Schofield and Mary Lou Holt described this set to me as skittles and described how they were used. I accepted the conveyed information and never thought too much more about it. However, I accept that they may have been incorrect. 

Beistle Vintage Halloween Fortune Crystal Game Early 40's VERY Nice!

I don't understand why some collectors feel this has a connection to Halloween. Although it is a fortune game, that fact doesn't connect it to Halloween any more than a fortune cookie at your favorite Chinese food restaurant connects to Halloween. Because this game has no graphical connection to Halloween, I've never included it in any edition of Vintage Halloween Collectibles.


I'm glad to see these items selling so well even though they come up for sale often. I recently had an exchange with a long-time collector as to whether these items are really skittle game pieces or are simply decorative elements for a table. When I first began exploring the fun world of vintage Halloween collecting in 1988, I took my cues from dealers and collectors active in the hobby for many years preceding my involvement. Two of these folks, Paul Schofield and Mary Lou Holt, described these items the same way - as skittles. (No one ever described them differently.) Over the years, I've seen a few boxes surface for these items. These boxes do not describe them as anything other than Hallowe'en Figures. So, what is the real answer? 

09/01 Update: I've received a number of meaty replies. Here is the one I like best: "The pumpkin head skittle you commented on presents another clue. The base on all three that are for sale on eBay currently have a bigger base than the usual. It has a double slot which would be for a place or name card in front I believe. That would lend credence to the table favor use. However I think this base is rather rare as I've usually seen only the narrow base with slanted sides. The narrow ones would be usable in a bowling type game. Skittles was a very popular game during this time so you can't totally discard that idea. Perhaps multiple sales ideas for the same product? Crazy how variations keep being unearthed in many of the German products. THANKS so much for your work!! It's means a lot to dealers and collectors to get this information."