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Vintage Halloween Cat Diecut 1950's Hallmark

I'm glad to see this seller listing some fine material. She is one of the rare long-time collectors who has long loved small paper. You would be hard pressed to find a nicer person in the hobby! You can buy from her with confidence. This mini-diecut is definitely something Hallmark issued, but I believe they issued this in the later 1920s through the early 1930s. They used this glossy stock with red backing only during that small interval. 

Set of 10 vintage Halloween die cuts.

This is an interesting assemblage of diecuts. Although the condition of each is poor, the star of the lot is the hobo clown made by Hallmark. These were made as mirror images, so one may face right while another faces left. The effect on value is nil. The four others going clockwise from the clown were also produced by Hallmark. The cat face was not made by Dennison, but was almost surely an unauthorized item made in Japan. (The colors are wrong, the eyes differ and there is no "Dennison" craftily woven into the design at one ear.) 

08/15 Update: This lot sold for $78.77, about what I would have guessed. 


I tell you, as more of the 1930s Hallmark paper ephemera surfaces, it grows on me more and more. Their designs are clever and involved. Just look at this invitation! I love the trompe l'oeil aspect. My typical policy is not to buy any such item with writing inside, so I passed on this, but wonder if I made an error. My interests have been gradually changing - away from candy containers and lanterns and much more decidedly toward paper items made by Beistle, Dennison and Gibson. I have added 1930s Halloween items produced by Hallmark to my search list, so hope to find unadulterated examples to add to the collection. 

Vintage Halloween Owl, Black Cat and Pumpkins Bridge Tally - Hallmark - HTF!

The seller's description of this tally as being hard-to-find is a welcome understatement. I love paper and wasn't able to acquire one of these until recently. As tallies go, this is royalty. It is large, very colorful and a rare example of Hallmark producing an exquisite Halloween item. Because of the many pointed edges on this masterpiece, to find one in near-perfect condition or better is challenging. I would expect that this design gem would bring a price several multiples of the opening. 

07/01 Update: This brought $304.88, a perfectly ridiculous price driven to the never-to-be-repeated stratosphere by two determined, if not addled, bidders. 

Lot of 10 Vintage Gummed Witch Face Stickers Halloween Reflective

The RSIN of this enveloped set of 10 gummed silhouettes is 2, meaning "rare."This set was produced in 1925 by Hall Brothers and sold for a single season. Hall Brothers changed their business name in 1928 to something much more familiar today, Hallmark. 

03/30 Update: Prices for many items have been soft on eBay. Tax season? This fetched only $60 when they routinely fetch $85.