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Dennison's 1913 Bogie Book (Original Edition)

What a true steal some lucky eBay prowler got in acquiring this exceedingly rare 1913 Bogie Book for a mere $185, with free shipping to add insult to injury. This edition is the only one that has escaped me these 31 years of collecting. It is the second hardest Bogie Book to get, with the 1909 edition being the hardest by far. (There is only one known copy.) I’m sure this listing didn’t last more than minutes. The seller left gobs of money on the table.

Vintage 1920’s Dennison Halloween Die Cut Reference Bogie Book NICE

The seller is offering this 1926 Dennison Bogie Book as a BIN for $125 and is willing to entertain offers. This edition is typically found in bad shape due to the low quality of paper stock Dennison inexplicably used for this particular edition. This looks to be in nice shape, so the asking price is reasonable. If you can snag this for $100-125, it is a bargain.

bogie book dennison halloween costume seals catalog victorian 1913 decorations

This is the best example of this exceedingly rare edition of Dennison's Bogie Books I've seen. Dennison issued their first Bogie Book in 1909, apparently to the sound of a belly flop, as they did not issue a new edition until 1912. (There is only a single example of the 1909 version known to exist. You can see it on page 135.) The 1912-16 editions were printed in quite small runs compared to the later editions. By the time the 1922 edition hit the shelves, the print runs were large as these turn up frequently. If you look at the photos generously provided by the no-doubt-delighted seller, you can see that in 1913 Dennison was still largely hewing to the business strategy of providing crepe and napkins and suggesting ways to customize crepe for parties, rather than emphasizing their higher-margin boxed goods. This strategy rapidly changed, evidenced by the content of the Bogie Books in 1914 and after. Dennison found their niche in boxed items and they never truly surrendered that market dominance. The ability to gain these kinds of insights is surely one reason for collectors' love of these booklets. 

Dennison's Bogie Book - 1922 Halloween Catalog - vibrant color

Three Bogie Books from the 1920s are appreciably more common than the others: 1922, 1925 and 1926. The latter has always been common. Dennison must have been having a banner year then. The other two have become more common since 2012 when a largish quantity was unearthed in Kentucky, all in near-mint condition or better. Given that, this is a copy that is over-priced and over-graded. 

vintage 1931 Halloween HALLOWE'EN SUGGESTIONS Bogie Book by Dennison's

Given my comment on the importance of condition in the post below, I was surprised to see this tatty old thing actually vacuumed $129 out of someone's pocket. SGV is $95, but this item's condition should have put off collectors at the BIN price level. I feel a value in the $50-65 range would be more understandable. By the way, the JOL policeman drawn on the front cover's lower left corner is one of the most difficult Dennison diecuts to find. I bought the one in the collection decades ago when I didn't quite understand the relative scarcity of things. I've only seen one other ever offrered for sale and that had a date written in ink across the front. 

Vintage Halloween Catalog "Dennison's Bogie Book" 1915 w/Mailing Envelope

This listing featuring both the 1915 Dennison Bogie Book itself plus the exceedingly rare 1915 enclosure is the third time this has surfaced within about seven months. Guide value for the duo is $775. The duo listed in July 2016 fetched ~$838. The duo listed in August 2016 fetched ~$810. Comparing condition of the two from last year to this one, this is in third place, the least best. Both the envelope and the Bogie Book have much more wear showing. SGV is $775, but the condition here may work against this listing from achieving that sustainable level. It'll be fun to see where this ends. 

03/14 Update: As I suspected, this set in fair condition ended well below SGV - at $556.99. Condition is so important that there was almost a 33% decline in the money this brought compared to the only previous two examples sold on eBay. 

Antique Original 1915 Dennison's Bogie Book Halloween Decorations w/ Envelope

When it rains it pours! Funny how things work. When I bought the one in the collection 3-4 years ago I had never seen one before in any reference or in any collection. One was listed a few weeks ago and now this third one has surfaced. The set that ended recently sold for a reasonable $838 but the enclosure was in arguably lesser condition. 

09/18 Update: This sold for $809.99. The sustainable value tracks closely with guide value of $775 for both items - the Bogie Book itself and the exceedingly rare enclosure. 

RARE Vintage Halloween "Dennison's Bogie Book w/ Scary Cat & Pumpkin

This is a tough Bogie Book to acquire. This was published for the 1919 season. For some reason, similar to the 1916 edition, it almost never surfaces in near-mint or better condition. Even after all of these years the one in the collection, shown on page 101, could stand to be upgraded. The seller, new to eBay, made an error offering this for such a low price relative to guide value of $375. 

Great Original 1915 Dennison's Bogie Book Halloween Decorations w/ Envelope

OK, WOW! For avid Halloween paper ephemera collectors, seeing this listing should cause your hearts to race and your sphincters to seize. Seeing this quality listing amongst so much eBay dreck made my day. This is certainly the best listing I've seen come along in well over a year. 
Completing a set of customized Dennison Bogie Book envelopes or enclosures is high on my list. They surface so rarely they warrant an RSIN of 1, except for the 1919 enclosure that has been assigned a 2. (I am proud to own enclosures for 1909, 1914, 1915, 1917 and 1919. I have never seen enclosures for any of the other years Dennison Bogie Books were produced so cannot even be sure they exist. You can see these extant enclosures in my third edition.) From the ones I do own, this 1915 enclosure is the most cleverly designed and memorable of all the others put together. This is the ONE to own. Less interesting by comparison is the actual 1915 Bogie Book itself. This issue is not easy to find and the condition seems to be acceptable. I'm glad the seller included a shot of the Bogie inside its enclosure to show the cleverness with which this was produced. The guide value for the enclosure alone is $500, but there was only a single data point to support that specific valuation. In my view, the sky's the limit, so I'll be buckled in watching where this listing ends. 

08/23 Update: The air wasn't too choppy. Guide value for both items is $775 and it ended at $838. I feel the buyer got a very good deal overall considering the rarity of the enclosure. 

12th Annual Halloween Hard Cover Edition Dennison Bogie Book 1924 Hard to Find

As you know, Dennison issued their Bogie Books, using different names and formats as the years marched on, in 1909, then again from 1912 through 1917, from 1919 through 1931, then from 1933 through 1935. Dennison often issued hardcover editions of their annual booklets. These are desirable. Of the hardcovers, the more commonly seen are those that once were part of a library system. These are known as ex-library editions. The one being sold here is that kind of edition. The most coveted and most expensive of the hardcover editions are those that were never part of a library system. These are known as trade editions. Given that this one is an ex-library edition and is in OK condition, I feel the price is too high. A reasonable price to offer is $250. 


This is the last nearly-annual issue Dennison published touting their Halloween party goods line. They tentatively began the practice in 1909, and didn't issue another issue until 1912. From that year through 1935 Dennison issued an annual issue except for the years 1918 and 1932. Their names and formats changed over the years, as did, most importantly, their utility in assisting modern day collectors in piecing together when products were first produced and then for how long. The publication title changed from Bogie Books to Party Magazine to Parties to Hallowe'en Suggestions to The Party Book to Hallowe'en Parties. The issues through 1924 are the most detailed. Those published during or before 1921 are the most coveted, reflected by realized prices.  

1931 Dennison's Halloween Bogie Book

Most of these larger form-factor Dennison Bogie Books were folded for mailing, so to find one without the standard center crease is unusual. Given that this was how they were mailed, I don't feel it is correct to consider the fold a condition issue. This example does have a prior owner's name written on the front cover, something this seller doesn't point out.