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Antique Witch JOL Bats Halloween Box Dennison

This is a wonderful Dennison item. They made two designs of what they called Bon Bon boxes.” Both first appeared in their 1919 Bogie Book. I don’t think these were made for more than one or two seasons as they don’t come up for sale all that often. You can see both designs at the top of page 262. The other design is much harder to find. (I still don’t have one in my personal collection.)


This box of seals seems pristine. Given that the seller didn’t state otherwise, I assume all 20 seals were extant. Although the selling price is excessive, Dennison products from this period are truly scarce. Beginning around 1928 and continuing through the early 1930s, Dennison’s design aesthetic took a sharp turn away from what it had been. Instead, a playful, Art Deco vibe was adopted along with vibrant colors. Products from this period are among the best things Dennison produced. This box was sold with stock number H921.

Dennison's 1913 Bogie Book (Original Edition)

What a true steal some lucky eBay prowler got in acquiring this exceedingly rare 1913 Bogie Book for a mere $185, with free shipping to add insult to injury. This edition is the only one that has escaped me these 31 years of collecting. It is the second hardest Bogie Book to get, with the 1909 edition being the hardest by far. (There is only one known copy.) I’m sure this listing didn’t last more than minutes. The seller left gobs of money on the table.

Halloween Dennison Vintage Invitiation, Witch with Green Face Envelope 1928

This season has seen some crazy, unsustainable results. This is an example. Looking at the bidding history, only three bidders are responsible for this result, else this Dennison invitation would have sold for below $100. I worry about these steep, silly prices being paid for things and the effect it has on the hobby’s ability to attract new collectors over time. I’ve said it often and it bears repeating - I don’t want this truly fun hobby to become the exclusive province of the well-heeled. If someone wants to purchase the one in the collection, I will happily sell it for $450, shipping included.


There are several Dennison boxed seals sets that have a black background and that aren’t found in any Dennison references. Admittedly, I’ve been too busy lately to do an exhaustive search, but I haven’t found this design referenced in any of my Dennison Bogies, Price List pamphlets, etc. The design is interesting but not as intricate as their earlier ones, so the ending price was quite the surprise - probably for the prevailing bidder, too.

Pre-1960s Halloween Die Cut Lot of 4

Whomever was lucky enough to swoop in and acquire this lot for the laughably low price of $90 should be doing a happy dance for eternity. The Gibson tombstone diecut alone is one of the most highly coveted products made by that firm. Listed alone, it would have easily brought multiples of what the entire lot brought. The large piece to the left is part of Dennison’s Hobgoblinville set.

Vtg HALLOWEEN Dennison Howling Cat on Crescent Moon Diecut Circa 1920s

Dennison diecuts have increased mightily in price these last couple of years as collectors realize that few survived, especially given the thin paper stock they used. This howling cat with crescent moon diecut first appeared in their 1929 Price List pamphlet. Although it has a crease where the tail protrudes beyond the moon, the color is fantastic. It seems to have no other flaws. The seller sold this too cheap with a BIN of $144.49. These typically fetch $225 and up. The buyer got a bargain.


Dennison issued this Hallowe’en Centerpiece boxed set in 1933. I’ve seen this several times and haven’t ever been able to get excited about it. In 1933, the Great Depression was strangling many businesses to death, and those that wanted to make it had to be creative. Unfortunately, sometimes being creative meant creative economically, not artistically. The contents of this set are uninspired and forgettable. The best thing about it is the box. This excellent seller has over 140 listings right now - many of which are pretty amazing! This set is for the Dennison completist only.

10/03 Update: This sold for about what I expected - $159.50.

Dennison Vintage Halloween Spooky Candle Die Cut

Although the seller should ditch the dizzying background, she is offering a few nice things, including this Dennison table decoration, which first appeared in their 1927 Party Magazine. Dennison produced so many intricate designs during their heyday that selecting their best is hard. Arguably, this is near the top of their output in terms of creativity and sheer brilliance. It has long been one of my favorite items. Many people agree since the bidding is already up to $150.50 with four days remaining.

Vintage 1920’s Dennison Halloween Die Cut Reference Bogie Book NICE

The seller is offering this 1926 Dennison Bogie Book as a BIN for $125 and is willing to entertain offers. This edition is typically found in bad shape due to the low quality of paper stock Dennison inexplicably used for this particular edition. This looks to be in nice shape, so the asking price is reasonable. If you can snag this for $100-125, it is a bargain.