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1933 Vintage Halloween Mask - Sunshine Bakers Promotion

This is certainly an odd item. Prior to viewing this listing, I had never seen a Beistle marketing tie-in. Did they actually license Sunshine Bakers to stamp their verbiage on the reverse, or was this something done without formal permission? Were these JOL masks purchased in large quantities from a wholesaler like Shackman's? Beistle, like so many firms back then, didn't keep meticulous records. Hence, it is near impossible to definitively answer questions like these. Even their vaunted archives really are just a few filing drawer cabinets haphazardly storing items thrown in without a great deal of thought. 
The mask, in and of itself, is rare. Given the verbiage on the back, this item becomes even more rare. I was distressed by the condition, so never considered bidding, but in my estimation the buyer got a good deal.