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12th Annual Halloween Hard Cover Edition Dennison Bogie Book 1924 Hard to Find

As you know, Dennison issued their Bogie Books, using different names and formats as the years marched on, in 1909, then again from 1912 through 1917, from 1919 through 1931, then from 1933 through 1935. Dennison often issued hardcover editions of their annual booklets. These are desirable. Of the hardcovers, the more commonly seen are those that once were part of a library system. These are known as ex-library editions. The one being sold here is that kind of edition. The most coveted and most expensive of the hardcover editions are those that were never part of a library system. These are known as trade editions. Given that this one is an ex-library edition and is in OK condition, I feel the price is too high. A reasonable price to offer is $250.