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Halloween Candicontainer

I was the buyer of this rare candy container, a nice Christmas season treat for myself. Pieces with this paper litho over cardboard design are some of the most difficult to find for sale -  much more difficult to locate than the JOL patterned items shown on pages 58-60. So, I was quite happy until I opened the package. The seller packed it extremely well, so it arrived in the condition in which it was sent. However, there was a pronounced crinkling to the surface paper along a vertical line directly below one of the places where the black cord was attached. Accompanying this crinkling, was a slight indentation as well. I immediately contacted the seller indicating I wanted to return it for a full refund and heard....nothing. Over the next month, I sent numerous emails and heard...nothing. Even to this very moment, I have never received even one reply to my emails. Unfortunately, I had to get Paypal involved. They investigated and found in my favor. Only yesterday did I receive a refund through their protection program. The seller did not disclose this defect, even though it is obvious enough that he should have. In short, I will not do any future business with this seller. If you find yourself interested in something this seller is selling, make sure you ask a lot of questions and hope that you will hear more than I did...nothing.