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Vintage Halloween Pumpkin Face Ring Game

I learned something from this listing. There seemed to be differences between this game and the one in the collection, but I couldn't quite put my finger on what they were. So, I went on an expedition through my displays trying to find the game so I could compare one to the other. The one in the collection is an earlier version than the one in the listing. The former's last patent date is February, 1, 1927 and there is verbiage that others are pending. The latter's last patent date is September 6, 1927 and the verbiage about pending patent dates is missing. The differences between the two versions are interesting: * The rubber plugs are attached to the box bottom by pushing out (I assume) perforated discs on the box bottom, whereas in the earlier version they are glued to the box bottom. * The rubber rings are red versus black. * The instructional verbiage inside the lid includes assembly instructions, logically missing from the earlier version. They also replace "five" with "5" and other such substitutions. 
Now, does this affect value? I'd say no, because from a presentation perspective the very real differences don't amount to much. How much more common is one version from the other? I'd love to know that. Having never realized that there were at least two versions, I've never really paid attention, but will from now on. READERS: If you have this game, please check which version you have and contact me with that information.