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Vintage Halloween Candy Container, Black Cat w/ Bulging Eyes, Germany, Cardboard

This candy container was made in West Germany during the early 1950s. Whenever you see the mark, Container Made in Germany, you know that the marked item was made from ~1950 to ~1955. (That is assuming the mark is genuine, of course.) I like this design. The one from the collection can be seen on page 71. These typically trade for $100. 

04/20 Update: This candy container ended at $97. 

Vintage 1940s Black Cat With Fangs Halloween Decoration

Here's another cautionary tale relative to items offered by uninformed sellers as a BIN. This diecut doesn't surface as often as some others from the set in collectible condition, so when one does pop up, they command far more than $22.50. (I sold one in better condition in my recent auction that fetched $140.) These errant BIN offerings do provide an avenue for wily collectors to expand their treasured holdings. I am all too happy to swoop in when something is offered with a too-low BIN. If you are unsure when listing something on eBay, just list it as a 7-day auction with a modest starting price and see where the market takes it. 

Original Dennison Cat Head Seals Screaming Cat Face Halloween

Most Beistle packaging is coveted and hard to come by. The earliest packaging is less interesting as Beistle hadn't yet added the detailed artwork that festooned the most sought after variety. This is an early enveloped set as there is nothing to it except the simplest of descriptions and an example of the contents glued to the front. Even so, the seller would have garnered far more than the $20 that was obtained if they had run this as an auction rather than an ill-advised BIN event. 


Beistle made two designs of what they called continental hats with plumes. The mate is a JOL with better artwork on either side of the central figure. (You can see it on page 238.) The vertical stripes flanking the cat face do grab the eye, but there is no doubt that it seems Beistle rather shorted this particular design. Made from 1925-1931 only, sustainable guide value is $195. 

10/07 Update: This hat brought $197.50.