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Vintage Halloween DEVIL 30" jointed Die Cut ? Beistle Electric Man

Here's a great Beistle item you don't often see. This was issued for the 1931 season only and marketed as a Lightning Wumpus, one of four large jointed designs Beistle issued. They issued two in 1929 and two in 1931. (You can see them all on page 146.) This is one of their two best, the other being the scowling Skairo. This one appears to be in remarkable condition given how much can go wrong with this large item with its wholly irregular edges. SGV is $525. 

06/24 Update: This seems to be a slow time for quality listings - and when they do surface, the results, at least in this case, have to be disappointing. This stellar item sold for well below SGV. It brought $407. The buyer must be on cloud nine. 

Bizzare Scarce Bestle Vintage Halloween Hinged Figure Electricity Dragon cv9838

I finally made it through this seller's over-caffeinated prose, shaking my head at his reference to the pineal gland. Thanks, Doc! This was produced by Beistle in 1929 and marketed as a Jointed Lightning Wumpus - The Hallowe'en Dragon. This is in superb condition, perhaps in the top two I've seen. SGV for these is $525, but I'll be surprised if this doesn't exceed that price given its condition. Beistle produced two Wumpus designs - the other being made in 1931. Using the same basic design, they produced two Skairo Bugs, one scowling (1929) and one smiling (1931). 

06/29 Update: This sold for $542, exceeding SGV but barely so. I did thing it would have fetched more given its exemplary condition.