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Bizzare Scarce Bestle Vintage Halloween Hinged Figure Electricity Dragon cv9838

I finally made it through this seller's over-caffeinated prose, shaking my head at his reference to the pineal gland. Thanks, Doc! This was produced by Beistle in 1929 and marketed as a Jointed Lightning Wumpus - The Hallowe'en Dragon. This is in superb condition, perhaps in the top two I've seen. SGV for these is $525, but I'll be surprised if this doesn't exceed that price given its condition. Beistle produced two Wumpus designs - the other being made in 1931. Using the same basic design, they produced two Skairo Bugs, one scowling (1929) and one smiling (1931). 

06/29 Update: This sold for $542, exceeding SGV but barely so. I did thing it would have fetched more given its exemplary condition.