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This seller, who has been selling Halloween items for many years, really should have been able to identify this remnant. It wasn’t “…originally part of a pull toy.” It was a part of a slot and tab decoration manufactured by Dolly Toy as part of their acquired Fibro Toy line during the 1930s. You can see the complete item on page 296.

Vintage Halloween JOL man pulling cart Candy Container Dolly Toy

This brought a very strong price considering its condition. Dolly Toy made a small number of Fibro Toys and were pretty disciplined about marking their wares. Unusually, this candy holder is never marked. I know it was made by Dolly Toy as I have one of their catalogs showing it for sale. With the cat and witch wheeled candy holders, be cautious of reproductions. The reproductions use thinner, high-gloss paper stock. 


I haven't seen one of these come up for sale in some time. This slot-and-tab candy box was made by the Dolly Toy Company of Dayton, Ohio under their Fibro Toy line. The items were produced sporadically between 1934 and 1953, much less regularly than the witch pulling cart and cat pulling cart Fibro Toys. These are never marked for some reason. They have not yet been reproduced. It'll be fun to see what this brings! 

08/14 Update: This brought a healthy premium to guide value: $338.33 versus $250. 

1950s Halloween 6 1/2" Pumpkin Pulling Cart Cardboard Table Decoration w/ Candy!

This is one of the best candy holders Fibro designed - in my opinion. Given the length of its production run, 1934-1953, relatively few of these surface compared to the witch pulling the hay cart and the black cat pulling a JOL cart. (All can be seen on pages 52-53.) Unlike the other two, this one hasn't been reproduced to my knowledge. Interestingly, a marked example has never surfaced. Sustainable guide value is $250. 

Black Cat Candy Container USA Fibro Toy Dolly Toy Co Nut Cup Tab & Slot Cdbd

Although there is no public ending price on this Fibro Toy manufactured by the Dolly Toy Company of Dayton, Ohio in the mid-1930s, it was definitely near guide price of $90. As I state on page 296, "A cache of these in near-mint condition was found in late 2011, lowering prices as collectors see them more routinely. Obtain one now while the supply is relatively abundant and prices are reasonable." 

Vintage Halloween Fibro Toy JOL man pulling cart slot & Tab Candy Container!

Out of the trio of slot and tab candy containers Fibro Toy manufactured, this is - hands down - the most difficult to locate. (The other two are the witch pulling a hay wagon and a black cat pulling a JOL wagon.) These were made in a span ranging from 1934 to 1953, but I suspect this design was made for a lesser number of years. Because there is no stamped mark underneath, we do know that this particular item was made later in the overall production run.  

RARE: Vintage HALLOWEEN 9" Cardboard Cat w/Pumpkin Cart / Candy Container

Here is yet another example of a seller offering an item in poor condition but not accounting for the poor condition in the starting bid. If this Fibro Toy cart was in perfect condition, the opening price would still be high. These were manufactured from 1934 through 1953 so there are a lot of them out there, most of them looking as bedraggled as this one: faded, missing surface paper and lots of wear to the points. Remember, as will all paper-based collectibles, condition is key. 

Halloween Fibro Toy Cat Pulling Pumpkin Cart Near Mint 1920's ULTRA RARE

The seller's breathless prose notwithstanding, this is a desirable item, less due to its touted scarcity and much more due to condition. The truth is these Fibro Toy cat wagon candy containers aren't all that rare. (On my scarcity scale of 1-5 detailed in my book, I rate this item a 4.) It is unusual to see them in this very nice condition. However, I think the seller has nearly fully valued the item with his opening price of $149.99, a ploy I dislike on Ebay that is becoming all too common. As I write on page 55, these were made from 1934-1953. "Later iterations have no markings on the underside. These are more common and have a lesser value. REPRO ALERT: Reproductions from the 1990s are made from a thinner, high gloss paper stock and still have wood wheels."