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Halloween Fibro Toy Cat Pulling Pumpkin Cart Near Mint 1920's ULTRA RARE

The seller's breathless prose notwithstanding, this is a desirable item, less due to its touted scarcity and much more due to condition. The truth is these Fibro Toy cat wagon candy containers aren't all that rare. (On my scarcity scale of 1-5 detailed in my book, I rate this item a 4.) It is unusual to see them in this very nice condition. However, I think the seller has nearly fully valued the item with his opening price of $149.99, a ploy I dislike on Ebay that is becoming all too common. As I write on page 55, these were made from 1934-1953. "Later iterations have no markings on the underside. These are more common and have a lesser value. REPRO ALERT: Reproductions from the 1990s are made from a thinner, high gloss paper stock and still have wood wheels."