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Amazing Old Paper die cut 21" Jointed Halloween Pumpkin Jack O Lantern Man

This Halloween Elf diecut was produced by Beistle sometime between 1923 and 1932. They issued two styles, the male seen here - larger with an extra foliage band - and a female, both sold in one envelope. Non-collectors sometimes ask me why vintage Halloween items are so pricey. My standard response is that back when such treasures as this were being produced few people kept anything after a party. Most everything was tossed. The items not tossed were often used year after year, much as I suspect this elf was. Consequently, on a scale relative to Christmas decorations, few items survived and those that did are generally in crummy condition. When near-mint items surface, sometimes the prices go to lofty levels that may not be seen again in years, if ever. These purchased items disappear into collections perhaps not to see the light of the secondary market again for a long time.

09/10 Update: This brought $207.50.