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Main Diecut Wall Redesign

A few months ago I was able to acquire one of the very few German diecuts that had eluded my grasp for decades - the four figure fence. It is a long piece, so I knew when buying it that I’d have to free up some wall space somehow. For those whom I’ve had the pleasure of hosting here, you know that I have almost zero free wall space. The task wasn’t one I was looking forward to. I decided to deaccession about two dozen German diecuts that had long been part of my personal collection. (I’ll be listing a few of them on my For Sale page in the next few weeks. The others I’ll largely save for my May 2020 auction.) Before I left on a long road trip, I took these diecuts off the wall so I’d have to complete the redesign soon after my return. Well, I was astonished at how quickly the redesigned wall came together on Thursday. What you are seeing in these two photos is one wall in my home festooned with diecuts. {There are others!) You’ll find some of the rarest of German diecuts in this photo - all in stellar condition. What do you think? (In case you’re wondering about the art, the paintings are by the supremely talented Matthew Kirscht.)

July 2019 Redesign.jpg