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Facebook Halloween Scam

I was alerted this morning by a collecting friend to a scam that occurred on one of the Facebook groups dealing with vintage Halloween. Apparently someone posted vintage Halloween things for sale, collected money from several people and then vanished, laughing all the way to wherever they live their miserable existence.

I have nothing to do with social media. Not only does it trivialize life, but unless the corporations that own these entities are going to pay me for using my personal information - no thanks.

This scam underscores how important it is in being selective with whom you do business these days, especially for such expensive items like truly available and truly vintage Halloween. Here is my advice:

  • Buy from people on proper selling sites like eBay with solid feedback, not these quasi-selling sites like FB. Having recourse is a prime consideration.

  • Buy only from people you know or from those to whom you’ve been referred.

  • Ask me. I’ve been collecting for over 30 years and know the market and its sellers. I’ll tell you the sellers with whom it is great to transact business.