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First Generation Collectors....

I recently had another discussion about the state of our fun hobby with a few deeply knowledgeable and savvy collectors. We agree that over the next 5-10 years we will see the dissolution of those collections amassed by the first generation of those who fastened upon collecting vintage Halloween. Their collections are coming to market as a result of their passing on to the great beyond or in anticipation of it. As I wrote back in late 2017, most of these collections are heavily weighted toward candy containers, figurals, German JOL lanterns and USA pulp JOLs. It stands to reason these genres will see a medium-term dip as these long-held collections are absorbed. Interestingly, it was the unusual collector who concentrated on collecting paper items like table decorations, enveloped or boxed Beistle products, diecuts,  invitations, tallies and place cards. Because fewer collectible examples from many of these market segments exist relative to candy containers, figurals and lanterns, prices for them should not only continue to be strong, but will strengthen further. This trend will be exacerbated by the relative dearth of these items coming to market as the first generation dies off. Another factor to consider is that today's collectors typically have less disposable income to shunt toward hobbies. This will certainly impact the market in ways that I think I can see but obviously don't yet know. One especially savvy collector frequently opines that we (meaning collectors in their 50s) are the last generation to have the means to amass large collections. If any of you faithful readers have opinions, please send them my way.