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VINTAGE 1960's HALLOWEEN Flying WITCH, Surprised MOON Die-Cut Party Decoration

Eureka produced a small number of Halloween diecuts in the early 1960s. They were produced on thin paper stock, so most are in poor condition when found. I’ve noticed that prices for Eureka diecuts have increased sharply over the last five years. This is a diecut of a broomed witch racing against a large moon with a surprised look on its face. The trees at the bottom are a bit spookier than one finds in the typical Eureka diecut. I sold a duplicate of this diecut in my recent vintage Halloween auction extravaganza. Unlike this one, it didn't have a specific date printed on the front, so Eureka definitely made at least two iterations of this diecut. (I feel this is the most interesting of their Halloween diecuts.) 

06/24 Update: This seems to be the most coveted Eureka diecut design. It brought a strong $152.50.