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Antique Vtg Papier-Mâché Paper Mache Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Halloween RARE

This rare lidded JOL with closed features sold for $1000. (eBay's system shows it sold for $1200 but in checking the actual ending price the figure was $1000.) I wonder if $1000 is the record for this rare and very attractive JOL? At 10" high the piece is a stunner and would easily be a cabinet's centerpiece. Although nearly all of the US pulp JOL output is not uncommon, there are the few strays that either weren't produced in great numbers or didn't tend to survive intact. I believe this item checks both of those boxes. 

04/18 Update: Sadly, the buyer, a stalwart and ethical person, let me know the seller was anything but. The seller cancelled the sale after my friend paid for the item in full. The seller refunded the price saying his wife objected to the sale after the fact. Shouldn't he have just said to her, "Sorry, what's done is done."? Naturally, that assumes the reason given was the truth. Could it have been he simply got a better offer? 

Another 04/18 Update: After scrolling through the eBay listings just now looking for something to comment on, I see this same item has been listed by the same seller for $10,000 OBO. The seller is certainly not someone with whom I'd want to do business! Where is eBay in all this? Shouldn't they step in and stop this listing?