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May 2017 Auction

Thanks to all those who participated in this year's auction! I had significantly more registered bidders than ever before, with a higher percentage of those bidders actually placing bids. The prevailing bidders were more numerous - nicely apportioned between familiar names and those whom I hope will become familiar. 

By all metrics, this was a successful event. 

I enjoy hosting it on own busy site, enabling me to restrict participation to those who demonstrated their care for our fun hobby by investing in the only broad-based and in-depth reference available. 

The results closely tracked trends I've seen developing over the last 18 months. Small paper items like invitations, tallies and place cards, as well as post cards, games and diecuts typically over-performed while lanterns and candy containers somewhat under-performed. Tin noisemakers seem to have recovered some of their mojo from the chilly depths to which they had sunk. I forecast we'll see further strengthening of this genre. 

Thanks again to all those who were part of the fun!