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VINTAGE 1920's Dennison HALLOWEEN Floating Specter Skeleton Ghost Die-Cut

This fantastic Dennison diecut has seldom received the love from the secondary market that I feel it deserves. Large and creepy, it would have been the perfect wall decoration for an adult Halloween party. This floating specter first appeared in a 1929 Price List pamphlet. SGV is $275. Be aware that scammers have tried to peddle small versions of this. As I write on page 141, "Small versions measuring 8" h have surfaced recently. This size is not referenced in any extant Dennison publication. These small versions seem to have ragged edges and poor lithography. Given this data, I feel these are fantasy items with no vintage value." 

04/02 Update: I was glad to see this Dementor right out of a Harry Potter book fetched $306.50, right around SGV.