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Happy Halloween To One and All!

Well, another Halloween is upon us! Where does the time go? I'm always a little bummed out on Halloween since my favorite season is at an end. Yes, Christmas is around the corner and all that, but nonetheless it will pain me when I turn the lights off my 7.5' black artificial tree tonight festooned with mostly older Radko ornaments. My outdoor purple and orange lights will turn off at 10:00 and will be packed away the next day until later in 2018. 

This last week has been so busy that I've made no time for my blog. I know that I post much less frequently during November and December, but do check back occasionally. I'll return with gusto in January. 

I'm already preparing for my annual May auction. I am pleased with the lots I'll be offering this year. Remember that the auction and my For Sale page items are only open to those who have purchased the third edition of Vintage Halloween Collectibles. The number of copies that I have to sell is getting low and I will not do another printing. Know that I plan to raise the price from $49 to $55 as of January 1st, so if you've been delaying purchasing a copy, you may want to put it off no longer. 

I hope you, my faithful readers, each have a wonderful Halloween night!