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Vintage Halloween Paper Mache Pulp Cat-On-A-Fence JOL, ca. 1940s, All-Original

I just had a conversation with two close friends who visited today regarding the many crazy, unsustainable prices being seen lately for otherwise ordinary vintage Halloween items. The tulip mania or bubble of the 1600s was mentioned. Are we in a bubble phase wherein unremarkable and imperfect items are bid to - let me say it - ridiculous levels that I feel are unhealthy for the overall hobby? This pulp lantern is so common that nary a week goes by that you can't have your choice of several. The typical trading range is around the $150 level. Why would this go for $385? Now, I am happy for the seller who assuredly cannot believe her good fortune, but the buyer will almost certainly never again see this price when, and if, they ever decide to sell.