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New Lantern Design from Tim Ramzyk of Pulp Novelties

Wow! I just received Tim Ramzyk's 2016 Halloween pulp lantern and LOVE it! As you know, it is rare that I tout anything but vintage items on this blog, but take a look at this scary lantern alongside two others I am so proud to own - a devil head and a witch head. Tim is a Wisconsin-based artist who meticulously and painstakingly hand molds his own designs from a heavy, durable pulp. Including 2016's Nosferatu (The Vampire), he has 6 designs in limited quantities at price points that are in a few words, way too cheap! The other designs are a witch, a devil, a skull, a JOL and a black cat. Just as I have always been, I am in awe at the workmanship and the true craft he brings to pulp design. I proudly have three of his treasures on exhibit in my main display room. (For those who I've been lucky to host at my home, you know that in order for something to be placed in that room, it has to carry its own weight. These do, easily.) 

Tim is only making 14 Nosferatu (The Vampire) lanterns at first with a handful more to be made through the Halloween season if need be. The other designs are similarly limited. The price for Nosferatu is $95. (It measures ~7.5" high by ~6.5" deep.) The price for either the devil, JOL or black cat is $68. The price for either the skull or witch is $80. Having seen the meticulousness of these wondrous and limited edition objects, I can surely say these prices are way too cheap. (Hurry, order these quickly before Tim comes to his senses and raises them!) 

By the way, Tim has created a steel stamp of his logo and has permanently branded his creations, as he has a healthy respect for protecting the vintage market. He numbers and dates each of his creations. 

For those who know me, you know that I rarely buy anything Halloween unless it is vintage. I've made an exception - and you should too. Snap these up before they are ALL GONE by contacting Tim directly at He lists these as well on eBay and Etsy. 

09/04 Update: As I knew would happen, every last one of the first run of Tim's 2016 Nosferatu (The Vampire) lanterns has sold. Be sure to look at his lantern designs, now available, from the past few years. They are all worth owning.