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Vintage Halloween German Pumpkin Germany Jack O' Lantern Tea Set. Sugar Jar

Demand for the unusual pieces to the various-sized German tea sets remains strong evidenced by this result. Although I cannot be sure how this piece was meant to be used, I'm pretty sure it wasn't as a sugar jar. There would be a lid for that and this wasn't designed to be a lidded piece. Given that there is a hole in its bottom the ending price seems much too high to me. Looking at the bidding history, only one person kept bidding against a bid that was placed on July 10th. Only during the final minute did another entity make a play for the item, bidding it up to the precise level that the bidder from July 10th bid at that time. 

08/04 Update: Hmmmm, what happened here? I see that this was relisted on August 1st and quickly sold for $250. Did the original buyer on July 14th back out of the deal?