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A Nice Vacation...

I've been on a much needed vacation for the last 10 days, neglecting everything except my good friends in the heartland of the country, including my site. I'm back now and intend on posting regularly.

I sure wish eBay would limit how many times items can be listed and relisted without change. Having ignored eBay during my vacation, it hit me fresh just how much junk clutters up the Vintage Halloween category. There are too many fakes, Frankensteined items, items listed for prices that ignore condition and items with poor photos and/or descriptions only Piet Mondrian would appreciate. 

The venues through which to obtain quality vintage Halloween are shrinking. eBay used to be my go-to place, but increasingly I rely on private offers and trades with other principled collectors to expand the collection. I typically avoid the auction houses like Bertoia and Morphy as their offerings are not curated and their buyers' premiums are laughable. 

I'm glad that I began collecting when I did. For you newer collectors and those still wishing to expand at a good clip, develop relationships with those routinely selling quality vintage Halloween items, and don't hesitate to cut loose those who sell fakes or Frankensteined items. Deal only with those who keep their word, accurately describe their offerings and guarantee the ability to return something if an item later proves to be problematic.