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Iconic Halloween Honeycomb Witch Centerpiece

Although this is not a vintage item, it is worth your attention. Beistle made a similar witch table decoration in 1930-1931 that had an easel and arms jointed at the shoulders and elbows. The honeycomb skirt came in orange, black, green, yellow, orange and green and yellow and black. They recycled their Horrible Witch art first used in the mid-1920s. I've been collecting for nearly 30 years and have only seen the vintage witch table decoration exactly once, and I bought that for the collection. (It is shown on page 224.) This seller decided to see if he could make something similar - and he has succeeded! I came into possession of one of his creations with a yellow and black skirt and it is a true eye-catcher. I have woven it in to my displays and am VERY pleased with it. The sturdy honeycomb forms a full circle enabling it to stand without an easel. I sure wish I had this seller's artistic talent. He is a long-time knowledgeable collector. My understanding is that he has made only a few of these. The starting bid price of $5 is startlingly low. Do yourself a favor and snatch up one of these superb creations. I'm confident you'll be extremely pleased too. 

09/15 Update: I was glad to see the market recognized how special this newly created artisan item was with a closing price of $78. Congrats, Chris!