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It is great to see such a nice diecut surface amid all the dreck that is on Ebay right now. (Ebay has really become a junkyard, albeit one in which the occasional gem can be found and in which several quality dealers still endeavor to provide quality items. Overall, though, Ebay has long ago lost control over the integrity of their categories. For instance, they have allowed a seller to list and re-list a white tractor seat in the Vintage Halloween category. Really?) OK, off the soapbox and on to this great diecut. This is a visually arresting piece to add to your collection. It is one of a set of four diecuts Beistle issued during the mid-1950s. As a write on page 158, "Having an item like this witch separately attached to a diecut is unusual. More labor is required and the chance for defects increases the risk of returns. This may account for the mere three season run this diecut enjoyed." 

05/24 Update: This super diecut sold for a very strong $372. I feel the cited values for this set of diecuts are now too low. Instead of $175-200 for each of the four depending on design, I feel sustainable guide value should be $250-325.