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The Germans exported a number of very odd and visually challenging designs in small quantities to eastern Canada in 1935 just before their economic focus became inexorably fixed on war and the door through which exports of wondrous holiday designs flowed slammed shut until after WW2. This devil pennant, one of four pennant designs, is among this group. What captivates me about this item is how it differs from the one in the collection. I greatly prefer this item's black hand with orange fingernails. (It is otherwise identical to the one on page 187.) This one will bring a very high price, as I know several advanced collectors who have never had an opportunity to acquire one in this condition. 

10/16 Update: Although I stated above that the pennant would bring a very high price, I was thinking more in the vicinity of $2000, not $4305.22. Naturally, this result is an aberration that will almost certainly never be replicated. (In the sincere hope that I am wrong, I hereby offer the pennant in my collection for the underbid of $4255.22!) The bidding history shows that the selling price would have settled near the $2000 mark except for two bidders, one of which, the prevailing bidder, has been caught out bidding silly prices for many items over the last few weeks. I've received many inquiries as to whether I think these bids can be genuine. I think they are as none of the items realizing such lofty levels has been relisted to my knowledge. One of my favorite sayings is: The sum of the intelligence of the planet is constant - and the population is growing. The prevailing bidder exemplifies this truism.