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Vintage Antique Halloween Candlestick Candy Container Made in Germany

As with so many items being sold by this seller, this doesn't look right to me. It is definitely not a German made item. The Japanese made this design as well, copied after the German design, and this MAY be one of them. I've looked at the photos closely and have compared what they show to the piece in the collection and there are few points of overlap. There is no elegance to the overall design as it appears short and squat. The bottom is crude, nothing like the German example. The top from which the excessively thick wick emerges is not flush, but is recessed, a characteristic that the German items never possess. The handle is overly thick and appears to be rather amateurishly highlighted in yellow. The dimensions are wrong. I know this design has been handcrafted by folk artists recently, so this MAY be of very modern vintage. Without personally examining it, I can't be sure. I am sure of this: It isn't German. 

10/26 Update: I'm happy to note that this suspect item sold for a pittance compared to what an indisputably vintage one made in Germany would have sold for.