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1920 Dennison's Bogie Book Witch, Ghost, Goblin cover, halloween costumes, party favors, decorations great halloween illustrations

I've begun looking on for vintage Halloween items and came across this gem. This is a 1920 Dennison Bogie Book, one of the more difficult issues to find in more than fair condition. The one in the collection is the rattiest by far of my Bogies, of which I am missing only the oh-so-elusive 1913 edition. Given that fact, I toyed with the idea of acquiring this one, but decided to hold out for a better copy. (I may regret this as I've been holding out to upgrade the 1920 edition for so many years, that perhaps the next time I see one I'll be eligible to collect Social Security.) The seller, puffadonna, indicates that for orders above $75, she'll offer a discount. She has priced this Bogie at $300, so I'm confident that it can be had for less.