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Vintage 1940s Halloween Wall / Door Decoration Collectable Black Cats w/ Pumpkin

This listing illustrates to me at least one reason why Ebay has become a poorer selling platform than it once was some years back. Sellers are allowed to list and re-list the same garbage indefinitely. This seemingly clueless seller has been peddling this damaged POS for at least two years - always at the same insane price of $128. What she should do is list it starting at one cent, just to see if anyone would want such a damaged thing. Better yet, just crumple it up and use it for kindling on one of these cold winter nights!
Ebay should limit the number of times an item can be re-listed, and insist that after it has been re-listed once, the price must drop no less than 10% each subsequent re-listing. I don't know about you, dear reader, but this guy is really tired of seeing the same sad items cluttering up the Vintage Halloween category. Ebay has, with notable exceptions, become a vast wasteland.