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Rare German Vintage Composition Halloween Black Cat Candy Container 3 3/4" Tall

I perused all of the Halloween listings this seller placed on Ebay over these last several months and was struck by how each and every one of them either featured well-known fantasy items or items that were made in the later 1950s and forward. Notice how elliptical the seller is relative to what is the working definition of "vintage" in this particular listing. The fact of the matter is that this rather drab container was not made prior to the later 1950s, and could have been made as late as the early 1970s. Even so, the BIN price of $59.95 isn't unreasonable. Just be sure of what you are buying. Items such as these don't command high prices and perhaps never will, as the workmanship just isn't present compared to German composition candy containers made from the mid-teems through the mid-1930s.