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Old Vintage Cardboard Halloween Nut Cup Candy Container Holder Dennison 1920's

Dennison issued a set of four of these well-designed nut cups in the late 1920s. They were sold only as a set. Dennison began liberalizing their imagery and using gold highlights during this period, a period that stretched until about 1931. On my Relative Scarcity Index, I assign these a "2," meaning they are "rare." These don't come up for sale all that often. The seller claims they have never been folded. If you like ephemera like this - and who doesn't - don't let the three now up for auction slip by. 

9/1 Update: I am surprised these nut cups didn't bring more than $24.99. I chalk it up to the vagaries of Ebay as these typically fetch $75 each. The buyer got a steal.