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RARE Vintage Halloween Beistle Green Witch Diecut USA 1950s, Large, Hard-to-Find

Beistle issued some quirky diecuts in the later 1950s - sort of a last gasp of creativity before they largely folded up their tent and yielded to the wave of forgettable, cutesy designs prevalent at that time and continuing deep into the 1990s. This is one of those diecuts. The set of three are puzzlingly difficult to find in mint condition. The defects in this piece shouldn't be held too much against it in terms of acquisition, but would certainly affect the price. 

08/08 Update: I changed the sentence immediately above to better express my feelings on condition. There is no doubt that this is a piece to covet, but with nearly all such things, condition greatly impacts price. In this example, the notable defects caused it to fetch $136.16, still a strong price, but nowhere near what it would have fetched had the condition been better.