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Early German Embossed Halloween Stand-Up Die-Cut Skull & Crossbones

Who is azpaperlady and where is she getting such rare, wonderful paper items? Will she adopt me? The Germans manufactured these fancy hat skull and crossbones diecuts in at least two variations toward the middle thirties. As with so much of their output at that time, these diecuts primarily headed to Canada. The variant shown in my second edition on page 164 is valued at $400. Given the splendid condition of the diecut being offered for sale (Who cares about the easel?), I feel it should end right around there. 

10/01 Update: The ending price blew right past the forecasted $400 ending price settling at $967.77. This result is one I don't understand since several of these in similar condition have sold over the past year in a narrow range of $375-475. Perhaps it is the excitement engendered by the onset of the season!