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1940's Vintage Rare Halloween Party / Trick or Treat Sign Dennison USA

Dennison radically shifted their design aesthetic from about 1929 to 1931, injecting their creations with fluidity of motion and a cartoonish feel. This change in design rippled through their entire product line, even down to their boxed seal sets. I suspect this was not a popular move as Dennison seemed to change course after 1931. So, when you see designs like this, you can date them to this narrow time frame. Because they weren't all that popular, these designs are hard to find these days. I haven't seen this excellent "STOP" diecut offered for sale for quite some time. Unfortunately, the words added to the traffic cop's hat were done after manufacture, significantly impacting value. The companion piece to this is a diecut called "Hallo' Inn." It is shown on page 151 courtesy of my good friend, Jason Walcott. It is rare enough that I have never been able to locate one in good enough condition to purchase.