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RARE, LARGE Vintage Halloween Cat with Trombone Diecut Decoration, Germany 1930s

This is, indeed, an extraordinarily difficult diecut to find in this condition. This is one of the larger diecuts of this ilk that the Germans made - although not the largest. It has long been one of my favorites for the energy it exudes and for being representative of the riotous party fun that once was had by Halloween party-going adults in the 1920s. The seller, an esteemed colleague and riotously fun herself, is correct in pointing out that the simple solution to this diecut's "restless leg" syndrome would not impact the value in any appreciable way. 

What this seller does is trust in Ebay's auction system. She lists things with a low starting price and almost always realizes very strong results. This approach, in my view, is much more preferable to those sellers who slap a "fully valued" starting or BIN price on an item while at the same time extolling the virtues of Ebay in a saccharine way. Don't you agree? Comments welcome...