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R I P Stacey Heffernan Paulucci

One of my dear friends, Stacey Heffernan Paulucci, who I was lucky enough to meet through our shared love of all things Halloween, passed away after a multi-month battle with cancer just a few days ago. She was only 45. What a true loss. Stacey was someone who always preferred the optimistic side of life, who knew that people were full of good and worthy surprises and was always much more concerned about how YOU were doing. In fact, when I visited her in the hospital a scant few weeks before she died, what she wanted to talk about was my recent trip to Kansas City and whether I had found great vintage Halloween pieces to add to the collection. It sounds trite, but she was one of the good ones, the kind of person whomever originated the phrase, "Only the good die young," had in mind when they uttered it. I will miss her as will all those lucky enough to have known her. I take comfort from the fact that she is at that great Halloween party in the sky, surrounded by all things vintage! Goodbye, Stacey!