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* SALE * Vintage HALLOWEEN FORTUNES Game Witch OWL Moon USA - REG PRICE 148.99

What a crock! This seller is advertising that the game is "on sale" for $89.99 marked down from its original price of $148.99. Given that both prices are characteristic of the "let's shoot for the moon and see if we can snag any dumb buyers" mentality that seems to predominate on Ebay these days, it is not surprising that this game - in fair condition only - still lingers. In fact, far too many items are listed, relisted and then relisted again with sellers never dropping their prices in light of the sustained market indifference to their offerings. (One seller, mrgoodlite, comes to mind. ) I wish that Ebay would alter its policy to require that items being relisted more than once have a price drop of at least 20% to their prior opening price, with the price drops continuing with each relisting. Unfortunately, Ebay has become more of a junk shop or a low-end garage sale  in the vintage Halloween category, although there are great items listed from time-to-time. I have been encouraging my friends who sell better items in this category to migrate to other forums like icollect247 or Ruby Lane.