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Halloween Cardboard Party Hat, 1950s

I think this exceptionally rare Beistle hat slipped under the radar of many advanced collectors. Contrary to the seller's assertion that this hat is from the 1950s, it was manufactured by Beistle for a single season only, in 1933. Prior to this listing, I had NEVER seen this hat before in person, not in any of the many collections I have had the privilege of perusing, not in any auction catalog, not anywhere. The lone reference to this astoundingly rare hat is from Lavin's 2005 compilation on page 112. Arguably, I think this is the most interesting and involved design Beistle ever issued. Just look at it, look at the many design elements, the action, the color. It is superb! I suspect the same artist responsible for their nearly-as-awesome fairy hats from 1923 was responsible for this masterpiece. I feel that this hat could have easily fetched at least double if more collectors were paying attention.