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VINTAGE 1950's HALLOWEEN United Novelty Mfg. Co. Catalog Christmas and Others

The United Novelty Manufacturing Company was just one of many, many wholesalers that existed as the final distribution channel for original manufacturers like Beistle. In fact, Beistle was the primary supplier to the wholesale supply segment relative to holiday decorations. I have examined each of these pages and cannot find a single example of an item made by a firm other than Beistle. This catalog is from ~1958-1963, evidenced by the numeral, 22, right after Chicago in the address line. These short city codes were used at that time as a sort of "proto-zip code" before the formal introduction of zip codes in the summer of 1963. Given the merchandise offered in these pages, I'd more narrowly estimate the catalog was issued in 1959. These catalogs are quite useful in helping date when items were originally produced. Since Beistle did not target the wholesale market as its primary distribution channel, in many cases at least one year went by between the date of an item's original manufacture and when it began appearing for sale by a wholesaler.