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4 HALLOWEEN STAND UP Vintage Jack O’Lantern Pumpkin Black Cat PLACE CARDS

I feel these were an exceptional buy for $169.49. Any one of them represent the smallest of the Johnny Pumpkins family issued by Beistle in 1920. There are a number of these well-designed stand-ups, ranging in size from ~5.25" high through ~20" high. The largest of these is quite rare - I have only seen it once, offered through Bertoia's in a double lot. I bought this lot for roughly $900 each, so they were quite costly. Whereas the rest of the family was issued only in 1920, these smallest members were sold in envelopes of differing quantities for perhaps five years. They come in two different iterations: the one represented in this lot and another with an attached curved easel. These latter are otherwise identical and significantly more rare. Others in this family can be found on page 249.