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Antique Devil Halloween Tobacco Humidor Jar Estate German

I am trying something new here by commenting on an item offered on Ruby Lane. The listings on Ebay these past few months have been woeful garbage by and large, which plays into my theory that Ebay is becoming (has turned into...?) the low-end bazaar it never used to be. Anyway...This devil humidor is rare, but this one isn't complete since it is missing its eyes. If you turn to page 115, you'll see one of only 10 complete sets ever made including this devil head humidor. Now, this doesn't mean that there were only 10 humidors made. In fact, from what I understand, the humidor and the match striker were made in relatively robust quantities over a handful of years. However, a complete set consists also of an ashtray and a serving tray. Only ten of these latter two items were made. Who knows how many actually still exist. Outside of my collection, I have never seen another tray or ashtray.