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Early Large Pumpkin Lantern

This large German JOL, along with three other items, is being offered by a pioneer in the field of collecting vintage Halloween memorabilia, someone truly in the vanguard of holiday collecting. There was a profile of her collection in a magazine from the 1980s that was an inspiration to me as to how she displayed candy containers. The very large doll house I use to showcase ~35 of my containers was an idea long in gestation arising directly from this article. Sadly, I personally inspected her collection in the summer of 1997 and found much of it stored so haphazardly as to have greatly lessened the condition of virtually everything that I saw. This, apparently, escaped my attention. This person doesn't offer much for sale, and when she does her items often don't sell due to her predilection for asking astronomically high prices.

03/30 Update: I was surprised that this, and most of her other items, actually fetched as much as they did.