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I Sure Wish...

...there were higher quality offerings on Ebay! The vintage Halloween market suffers from dramatic declines in both the variety and quality of items offered for sale during the first quarter of a year. 2013 has not been an exception! I dislike the trend I see gaining strength where buyers will offer items for sale only as a Buy-It-Now with groan or laugh inducing asking prices - but without a chance to formally make an offer that would at the very least serve to educate the seller. As I've said before, I think Ebay by and large has become a lower-end forum. Although treasures now and again surface, the typical listing is either a reproduction or fantasy item, very common items or less common items in poor condition or only offered with head-shaking starting prices. I think the real action for high-quality vintage Halloween has definitely shifted to auction houses like Morphy's or Bertoia's, or other web-based sites like Ruby Lane or icollect24/7. (From time to time I offer great things directly on this site.) Perhaps my dour mood relative to Ebay will dissipate once this first quarter draws to a close.