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1927 Vintage Halloween Game ~ Pumpkin Face Ring Game ~ Complete W/ Box

I have examined many of the breathtaking prices recently seen on Ebay, especially those involving vintage Beistle items. These sky-high ending prices seem to have been driven by two or three bidders who, when taken out of the equation, would not have resulted in "world record" levels. Look at this game for example. Its ending price of $536 was driven by two bidders. Remove them from the picture and the price would have settled at a more sustainable $242. Now, I know that this is an imperfect assertion since automatically generated bids may not register at the last second given the level of bidding at the precise moment of execution, but I think my statement is generally true. Once these deep-pocketed bidders acquire such items, prices should return to more sustainable levels, still inviting to new and intermediate collectors.