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Vintage Halloween Noise Maker, BUGLE TOY COMPANY - RARE - tin metal, wood handle

The rather mysterious Bugle Toy Company of Providence, Rhode Island turned out some of the quirkiest and best designed tin litho Halloween noisemakers of all of the bigger manufacturers. I think that T. Cohn's designs generally lacked fizz, US Metal Toy often went the cutesy route and Kirchhof turned out solid, varied work during their long heyday from 1928 through the 1950s. However, Bugle Toy almost always had an interesting take on design. This almost certainly makes their items coveted. Given the relative coolness of the tin market these last 5 years, prices of Bugle items have generally held up. Just look at everything that is going on in this great noisemaker. Each panel is interesting. The artist used every opportunity to use the space, including the ring of bats encircling the handle. If you like tin, I hope you also like Bugle!