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Vintage three panel, 20"H x 31.5"w Halloween Decoration cut-out

Wow! It is great to see such a rare and compelling German diecut being offered on Ebay when you least expect something of this quality to be listed. This is, for many collectors, the Holy Grail of German diecuts. Large, impressively detailed and commanding attention wherever it may be displayed, fireplace screens of this apparent quality surface very rarely indeed. (That said, the tape shown at several corners concerns me. However, as long as the tape isn't present to lend structural support I don't see that it matters much since its presence doesn't appear to be very obvious from the display side.) These almost always bring strong dollars. With over one day left to go, the bidding has reached over $1,000. The one in my collection, in perfect condition and shown on page 108, I value at ~$2,500. It will be instructive to see what this lot fetches. 

I know the buyer of this great item so I am very happy that she obtained such an excellent deal. (As I described it, she got the "deal of 2013.") On the other hand, why did the bidding stall out at such a bargain level? Thoughts?